AMM Productions

This section lists the audiovisuals produced in the context of AMM’s projects, made by or involving migrant filmmakers. 

Abstracts and trailers are available for consultation, together with indications of the projects in which the works were developed.

None of these works are on the market, but it is possible to apply to AMM for authorization to organize public screenings or private consultation. Associations interested in screening AMM’s audiovisuals can also invite the authors or protagonists of the stories recounted in them, enhancing the value of the event by enabling a more direct exchange between authors and public.


Five shorts written, shot and directed by young immigrants to Italy. A mosaic of stories providing an inside approach to the migrant condition, together with a composite portrait of Italy and its reception system as perceived by the new arrivals.
Dagmawi Yimer returns to Lampedusa with a videocamera and a regular identity card to see and film what he could then only imagine as he looked through the gratings on the windows of the detention centre. The film is a tribute to the island and its inhabitants.
After “Soltanto il mare” (Nothing but the sea), another “Returning to Lampedusa diary” this time by Zakaria Mohamed Ali, a young Somali journalist. A chance to recall his stay in the CIE (Centre for Identification and Expulsion) and to go in search of lost memories.
Mahamed Aman and Zakaria Ali return to Lampedusa for the first time after landing on the island in 2008. Author Mario Badagliacca accompanies the protagonists on their visit to the sites of their first landing, listening to their stories and memories.
Va’ pensiero intermeshes the stories of two racist aggressions in Milan and Florence and the process of collecting and putting together the fragments of the survivors’ lives. The stories of the three protagonists intersect with one another as they speak of their dramatic experiences.
Zakaria Mohamed Ali, a young Somali journalist, following the dramatic news of the shipwreck of october 2013 that killed 368 migrants from the Horn of Africa, returns to Lampedusa to give voice and listen to survivors still detained in the center one month and 15 days after the tragedy.