The reverse side of migration

The theoretical intuition that gave the title to the research is that the condition of immigrants is crossed by a series of reversals (lexical, semantic and social) that it is necessary to be able to think together to account for the complexity of the migratory experience. The spaces where these reversals have been investigated are the places of life, work and care: in a word of well-being understood in the broadest sense of the term, and of that desire for “normality” that affects many immigrant families, struggling with incessant transformations and, sometimes, real reversals.

The project

The project “The reverse side of migration. A comparative analysis on protection and right to health “was born with the aim of analyzing the stability of the migration phenomenon as a structural process within Italian society. The immigration of citizens from third countries is now also a “population migration” in our country, which acquires increasing social visibility year after year and inevitably triggers new ways of relating between the immigrant and the institutions responsible for reception, care and integration into the local socio-cultural fabric.

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