Partnerships established over the years with cultural associations, foundations and non-profit organizations have allowed us to accumulate experience and professional expertise to support the Archive and its activities. In particular, our collaboration with the Circolo Gianni Bosio has enabled us to carry out joint activities and find operational support at its premises in the Casa della Memoria e della Storia in Rome.

These partnerships have resulted in a whole series of activities culminating in educational and cultural initiatives, public events, participation in festivals, production awards, advocacy interventions, conventions with cultural organizations, non-governmental associations, universities and schools, especially in Rome and its province.

AMM has also been engaged in activities located in other areas: Sardinia, partnering with the 4caniperstrada association (Sassari), with participatory video production and screening and visual research; Sicily, with the Isole association, the Municipality of Lampedusa, the Biblioteca Centrale della Regione Siciliana in Palermo, the Amari-Ferrara-Roncalli  and Perez-Madre Teresa di Calcutta schools; Naples, with the Università “L’Orientale” and the Università “Federico II”, the Valenzi foundation, the L.E.S.S. association NGO and the Istituto Comprensivo Fava-Gioia; and also in a number of schools located in Brescia, Ferrara, Mantua, Milan and Turin.

Since 2012 AMM has played an active part in three long-term online projects with other organizations:

Rete di archivi su memoria e migrazioni (Fondo Rete Memorie Migranti – FRMM)

In 2012 AMM’s partnership with l’Università di Napoli “L’Orientale”, Circolo Bosio and ICBSA led to the launching of a Network of archives on memory and migration the Rete di archivi su memoria e migrazioni (RAMM) (Memory and Migration Archives Network), later to become the Fondo Rete Memorie Migranti – FRMM)  aimed at making available to the public audiovisual productions and personal narratives by migrants from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Italy, Somalia and other countries.

2) The Gianandrea Mutti Prize. Starting the same year, in partnership with the Cineteca di Bologna, the Amici di Giana association, Human Rights Nights and, as from 2016, with the Pianoterra foundation, AMM has contributed to an annual award for foreign filmmakers who have lived in Italy for at least a year. The name of the winner is announced every year during the International Film Festival in Venice.

3) The DiMMi Prize. In 2016 AMM began a partnership with the Associazione diaristica nazionale (National Diary Association, ADN) at Pieve S. Stefano and with its partners in Tuscany to launch the DiMMi-Diari multimediali migranti (multimedial diaries by migrants) competition and extend it to the rest of Italy. As of 2018, AMM has become one of the project’s centres for collecting diaries containing testimonies and personal stories.

From the outset, AMM has devoted particular attention to the production and diffusion of participatory videos and audiovisuals on the condition of migrants in Italy.

Some of the videos were produced as part of the activities of the Asinitas associaton (Come un uomo sulla terra, 2008; Una scuola italiana, 2009; C.A.R.A. Italia, 2010); some with the support of lettera27, Open Society and the Premio Mutti (Soltanto il mare and Benvenuti in Italia, 2011; Va’ Pensiero. Storie ambulanti, 2012); others as part of educational projects (“Il rovescio della migrazione”, FEI, Centro Cabral and University of Turin project,  2014-2015; “T’imparano” by Suranga Katugampala, Tor Sapienza i-LAB project with the Pianoterra Foundation and the Anthropos Association, Rome 2017; “Strade minori”, CPIA 1 project, Palermo, 2017) or in connection with MigrArti competitions (including a film forum at the Cineteca di Bologna, 2016; the production of “La consegna”, a short by Suranga Katugampala, with OktaFilm, 2017; the presentation of “Ver sacrum”, a short by Letizia Gullo and Dagmawi Yimer with graffiti.doc, 2018).

AMM has also been involved in the production of music CDs with the Circolo Gianni Bosio (Istaraniyeri – Musiche Migranti a Roma, 2011, and We are not going back. Musica e migranti di resistenza, 2017). Starting in 2013, a partnership with the educational publisher Giunti Scuola led to the development of a teaching kit (Va’ Pensiero. Percorsi di antirazzismo in classe, 2014), based on the film Va’ Pensiero. Storie ambulanti (2012) by director Dagmawi Yimer, and the publication of AMM’s blog, “A scuola dell’altro”, in the online journal Sesamo.

For further information see our Projects and Schools pages.

Over the last five years AMM has conducted projects, workshops and initiatives in partnership with a number of different universities, centres and institutes in Italy and abroad.