Va’ pensiero. Storie ambulanti – Va’ pensiero. Walking stories

A film by Dagmawi Yimer, 2013 (55’).

Va’ pensiero intermeshes the stories of two racist aggressions in Milan and Florence and the complicated process of collecting and putting together the fragments of the survivors’ lives. Milan: Mohamed Ba, aged 50 anni, a Senegalese griot, actor and educator who had been living in Italy for 14 years, was knifed in the centre of Milan on May 1, 2009, in the middle of the day. Florence: Mor and Cheikh, who had also immigrated from Senegal and were living in Florence, were attacked at work in the San Lorenzo market on December 13, 2011. The stories of the three protagonists intersect with one another as they speak of their dramatic experiences and their hope, nonetheless, that they can continue living in Italy, despite the constant fear they may encounter a glance or gesture that will take them back to the time of the aggression.

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