C.A.R.A. Italia

A documentary by Dagmawi Yimer

Production: Archivio delle memorie migranti – Asinitas

Hassan and Abubaker, two young Somalis aged 20 and 21, were born in Mogadishu, where they grew up together during the civil war. Their friendship is almost a destiny: after being classmates at primary school, they met again in Tripoli while escaping to Europe and then again in the C.A.R.A. (Reception Centre for Asylum Seekers) at Castelnuovo di Porto, 40 km. from Rome. Through the voice of Hassan, the documentary tells of their frustration as they wait in the vacuum of the centre for recognition of refugee status, but also of their disorientation when it arrives and they no longer know where they will be able to sleep and eat. A merciless inside view of the reception Italy reserves for people raised on the myth of a democratic, civil Europe.