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"AMM brings together a group of migrant and non-migrant volunteers, researchers, and media operators committed to a participatory method in recording current migratory processes and including its traces in the collective heritage of national and transnational memory"



 When Eritrea became independent in May 24, 1991after a thirty-year struggle, it looked like the beginning of a new era of peace and prosperity. Over twenty years have elapsed since then, and all the hopes of freedom heralded by that joyful day have long since vanished. Now, the dramatic socio-political situation in Eritrea, which is characterised by blatant oppression and violations of fundamental rights, has become apparent to the international community. (Read more... )



Lampedusa project
work in progress...


To whom it may concern
by Zakaria Mohamed Ali



Grooving Lampedusa
by Mario Badagliacca


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