The Archive of Migrant Memories is both a real and virtual space for stories, self-narratives and dialogues between people wishing to share their experience of migration with others interested in learning about what they went through and their feelings and reflections. AMM is a “community of practice” composed of people pursuing common goals from a variety of perspectives. Their activities range from the collection of testimonies to the production of personal narratives and life histories, from participatory audio and video production to the development of teaching materials aimed at bringing the migrants’ real life experience into schools and making them available to anyone interested.

The Archive of Migrant Memories


The Archive includes personal narratives, interviews, theoretical research and reflections in the form of written texts, audios, videos and images. These are available for consultation on our website, or by writing to us for material not accessible online.


The ‘research’ section is dedicated to research and critical literature addressing the work and activities of AMM and its development over time. It includes documents,


The “interviews” section documents meetings, conversations, interviews, story circles or discussions held, developed or organized by AMM’s volunteers, researchers and members. It includes brief extracts


This section includes stories, self-narratives and diaries produced by migrants wishing to reflect on the nature and legacy of migration as an individual and collective



You can take part in AMM’s activities by organizing screenings of our films by making applications for private or public showings, including the participation of the authors. AMM’s films provide an inside story of the experience of migration, taking advantage of the specific features of audio visual language and participatory methods.

Benvenuti in Italia – Welcome to Italy

A documentary by Aluk Amiri, Hamed Dera, Hevi Dilara, Zakaria Mohamed Ali, Dagmawi Yimer, 2012...

Va’ pensiero. Storie ambulanti – Va’ pensiero. Walking stories

A film by Dagmawi Yimer, 2013 (55’). Va’ pensiero intermeshes the stories of two racist aggressions in...

Soltanto il mare – Nothing but the sea

A documentary by Dagmawi Yimer, Giulio Cederna and Fabrizio Barraco, 2011 (49’) Direction, cinematography, sound: Dagmawi Yimer, Fabrizio...

To whom it may concern

  A documentary by Zakaria Mohamed Ali, 2013 (16′) After “Soltanto il mare” (Nothing but the...

Grooving Lampedusa

  A photo-story  by Mario Badagliacca, 2012 (5‘ 25’’) Mahamed Aman and Zakaria Ali return to...


AMM is and has been involved in a number of cultural promotion projects, in partnership with other Italian and international associations and organizations. For more on our past and present projects click here: CURRENT PAST


AMM is currently engaged in the following projects:


Projects completed or actively engaged in in the past by AMM: Benvenuti in Italia  

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Guardando oltre e cercando muri parlanti, abbiamo iniziato il laboratorio "Oltre i muri: autonarrazioni da dentro e da fuori" (progetto DIMMI di Storie Migranti") con i ragazzi del liceo artistico statale Ripetta di Roma. ... See MoreSee Less

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Condividiamo questa competente riflessione della nostra amica Silvana Palma, storica dell'Africa all'Orientale di Napoli, sulla violenza razziale e di genere in contesto coloniale, a partire dalla squallida autoassoluzione di Indro Montanelli.

Grazie a Grazia De Michele (Tovarisch Graziuschka) per l'intervista e Maria Iovine per la realizzazione del videoL’8 marzo a Milano, durante la manifestazione per la Giornata internazionale della donna, le attiviste del movimento femminista Non Una Di Meno hanno imbratt...
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